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chemicals customer service
Improving Customer Service in Your Chemical Supply Chain

Your customers expect correct information, on-time delivery and the best price—or they will go elsewhere. Businesses that fail to recognize the changing expectations in order promising and fulfillment risk customer defection, margin erosion, and loss of market share. In today's chemical marketplace, leveraging supply chain planning processes and technologies to provide market-leading service is a core differentiator.

Tools for Improved Customer Service
The WAM Supply Chain Solution provides you the ability to plan an appropriate response to demand so your company meets customer needs while producing and distributing materials profitably. It allows real-time inventory synchronization and analytic support for intelligent order-taking.
Order Promising
Your customer service representatives (CSR) are making critical decisions that can have significant impact on the profitability of the business. Our Order Promising solution calculates real time order availability based on an accurate simulation of your supply chain inventory levels projected into the future. In an instant, Order Promising conducts a comprehensive look-up into the availability of the requested order amount and date and yields a detailed response to the CSR who can quickly communicate to the customer waiting on the phone. This real-time link allows your CSRs to support very accurate order promising to your valued customers, with a clear understanding that the requested amount of information will be available on the requested date and delivered in the requested package.
  • Provides real-time order promising analytics to customer service representatives (CSR)
  • Suggests alternative supply sources, package forms, and substitute products
  • Displays configurable status indicators that quickly highlight the feasibility for each check including a final or bottom-line indicator
  • Supports both make-to-stock (MTS) and make-to-order (MTO) environments
Raise Customer Service Levels
With clean, relevant, and timely information at your fingertips, you are able to address customer issues in a shorter time frame with highly accurate results, ultimately leading to a higher degree of customer satisfaction and overall retention. The ability to access information faster and make quicker decisions based on that information is a key to customer service improvements. Using the WAM Supply Chain Solution you can establish and maintain high customer service levels that will lead you to a strong market position within your industry.

As a supply chain professional, you must focus your energies on achieving best-practice goals. How do you initiate an enterprise-wide effort to improve customer service, inventory, scheduling? By proactively engaging in successful strategic and tactical planning. The WAM Supply Chain Solution helps you make smarter decisions based on profitability, attain global supply chain visibility, support for collaboration and assists in determining the right safety stocks to meet customer service levels. To make the critical decisions that you must make on a daily basis, you must have accurate, timely data and planning technology that understands how your company operates. Let us show you how WAM's supply chain planning solution can provide you and your team with the right data and the right time and place.