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Dashboard Supply Chain Analytics for Executive Review
CEO using WAM Supply Chain Dashboard Most companies that provide dashboard summaries to their C-level executives are referencing the historical performance of the company to build their displays. Accurate, up-to-date information is provided to tell the story of how the company has performed over the last month, quarter or year. But little is presented that can look beyond the current status and display a prediction of future performance.

WAM's advanced supply chain analytics solution allows you to extend your dashboard capabilities to include forward-facing predictive analytics that tell the C-level executives where the supply chain is headed.

By tapping into WAM's advanced inventory supply chain simulation engine, the dashboard can present the same accurate snapshot of future performance in use by supply chain executives to the CEO in a summarized display that gets right to the bottom line. This added information helps complete the more comprehensive picture of where the company has been, where it is today, and where it is headed in the future.

WAM Supply Chain Dashboards Uniquely Focus on Past Present and Future

At a glance, the CEO gets an accurate and detailed summary of past and future positions on all aspects of the supply chain, including:
  • Revenue and profitability projections
  • Inventory holdings
  • Working capital requirements
  • Customer service levels
  • Plant utilization
  • Distribution costs
WAM's Predictive Analytics solution was designed to allow supply chain executives to deliver robust data analysis and mining into the hands of the business professionals where it is needed most. The solution allows users to mine their supply Supply Chain Dashboard for Exective Review chain operating data and quickly establish advanced interactive reports that help monitor and alert users to outliers, urgent issues and opportunities. By using a simple web-based user interface, the user can select key data elements to track and include in scoping and filtering schemes which support trend analysis, regression analysis and spot reporting. This simple, easy to install solution connects to your WAM supply chain data and provides an intuitive platform within which you can navigate all of your historical, current and future supply chain data.

C-level executives can use rapid response nature of the Predictive Analytics solution support real-time analysis and decision making. This real-time support of the user's line of thinking allows for a highly intuitive data mining experience that delivers the full picture of trends and data patterns at the heart of executive inquiries.

As a supply chain professional, you must focus your energies on achieving best-practice goals. How do you initiate an enterprise-wide effort to improve customer service, inventory, scheduling? By proactively engaging in successful strategic and tactical planning. The WAM Supply Chain Solution helps you make smarter decisions based on profitability, attain global supply chain visibility, support for collaboration and assists in determining the right safety stocks to meet customer service levels. To make the critical decisions that you must make on a daily basis, you must have accurate, timely data and planning technology that understands how your company operates. Let us show you how WAM's supply chain planning solution can provide you and your team with the right data and the right time and place.