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Supply Chain Planning and Optimization from WAM Systems

Actively managing the performance of your supply chain has never been more important. Increased globalization, volatility in demand and commodity costs, regulatory requirements, and greater dependency on suppliers and other partners have sigfanificantly increased the risk of doing business. Real-Time Metrics for Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Knowing your inventory positions, delivery dates, and fill rates is not enough. You must also understand the impact of supply chain changes on total cost or cash flow and optimize supply chain effectiveness for better corporate results. This requires end-to-end visibility into factors that drive performance – such as cash-to-cash cycle times, overall supply chain cost, and the quality of your order fulfillment.

WAM’s Predictive Analytics solution helps you measurably improve the effectiveness of your supply chain operations and better deliver on corporate mandates, such as lowering costs and improving return on working capital. By providing an accurate measure of where you stand in relation to your supply chain goals, Predictive Analytics can warn you of potential bottlenecks and help identify alternatives to overcome them.

Faster Time to Value at Lower IT Risk
Real-Time Metrics for Advanced Supply Chain Planning As a packaged application, WAM’s Predictive Analytics significantly reduces the complexities, costs, and risks associated with deploying this type of solution. The solution is delivered with:
  • Best-in-class data mining technology
  • Embedded data integration functionality
  • Baseline assessment templates for all critical areas of supply chain planning, fully supporting the S&OP process
  • An intuitive user-experience with almost no ramp-up time
The high level of preconfigured supply chain awareness inherent in WAM Predictive Analytics translates to faster time to value at a significantly reduced price point and lower risk.

As a supply chain professional, you must focus your energies on achieving best-practice goals. How do you initiate an enterprise-wide effort to improve customer service, inventory, scheduling? By proactively engaging in successful strategic and tactical planning. The WAM Supply Chain Solution helps you make smarter decisions based on profitability, attain global supply chain visibility, support for collaboration and assists in determining the right safety stocks to meet customer service levels. To make the critical decisions that you must make on a daily basis, you must have accurate, timely data and planning technology that understands how your company operates. Let us show you how WAM's supply chain planning solution can provide you and your team with the right data and the right time and place.