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Supply Chain Planning and Optimization from WAM Systems

Effective production planning and scheduling are core competencies of competitive process supply chain organizations. To master these processes, supply chain executives must successfully deal with a host of recurring challenges.

Corporate consolidation, globalization and expanding product portfolios increase the complexity of the supply chain planning task. Growing competition, fluctuating customer demand and difficult market economics put pressure on producers to meet challenging financial performance goals.

The WAM solution for supply chain production planning and scheduling uses advanced analytical techniques to map your demand forecast across the supply chain, providing sales and production plans that accommodate your capacity limitations while maximizing profitability.

Product and customer mix are analyzed interactively to find a business blend that maximizes the use of your equipment. Alternative scenarios can be easily evaluated to assess the impact of strategic customer and production options.

    Optimize Production Policies
    The WAM solution helps you easily balance production costs against inventory holding costs. Production planners can quickly determine optimal policies for product frequency, cycle length and production campaign length, as well as target levels for cycle and safety-stock inventories.

    Scheduling in the Face of Change
    Through its integration of supply chain simulation and process production modeling, the WAM solution provides the best schedule to meet the near-term and long-term goals of the organization while providing clear solutions that you can rely on and execute.

    Monitoring and Assessing Performance
    The WAM Supply Chain solution offers a full range of planning and execution solutions that provide intelligent visibility, decision support, and automatic optimization of business processes.

With WAM’s Production and Scheduling Module, you can rapidly identify problems as they occur, and take corrective action by repositioning inventories and altering production schedules. Instantly assess the impact of your changes to determine the feasibility and effectiveness and impact on profitability.

The WAM solution provides clear visibility to demand, which allows you to meet organizational and manufacturing objectives while minimizing impact of disruptions.

As a supply chain professional, you must focus your energies on achieving best-practice goals. How do you initiate an enterprise-wide effort to improve customer service, inventory, scheduling? By proactively engaging in successful strategic and tactical planning. The WAM Supply Chain Solution helps you make smarter decisions based on profitability, attain global supply chain visibility, support for collaboration and assists in determining the right safety stocks to meet customer service levels. To make the critical decisions that you must make on a daily basis, you must have accurate, timely data and planning technology that understands how your company operates. Let us show you how WAM's supply chain planning solution can provide you and your team with the right data and the right time and place.